By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Hope this email finds you in best of activities. I am a regular reader of your column in the Toronto Sun. Basically I am an Indian but citizen of Canada living in Toronto. As I go to my home country almost once a year I happen to buy air tickets through travel agents and some time they offer me a good deal but I was wondering if you can advise me about low season and high season in airfares when it starts and ends. I would be delighted if you can also advise me on good travel website from where I can purchase my tickets to India

A: India is such a bustling country with a diverse range of climate patterns across it. To boot, there seems to be a festival of some kind celebrated each day somewhere there. So let’s try to see whether there in fact is a low and high season of travel to India. I contacted the local Toronto India Tourism Office and received this reply from one of their staff. Vibhava Tripathi notes, “Low season to buy ticket for India is from February to May and may be August and October.

Tickets are most expensive in the month of December –January and may be June –July.” For booking air online, Tripathi says is a good one. Once on this site you’ll note price comparisons from a variety of carriers are listed and depending on your flexibility with travel dates and times, you should be able to find a good deal.


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