Isle of Man


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Could you please direct me to a source of information re what clothes to take with me for a three month stay in the Isle of Man? I leave Toronto on July 30th and return on October 30th. I am 72 and reasonably active, (creaky knees permitting) and hope to do a fair amount of sight seeing.

A: Located in the heart of the British Isles surrounded by the Irish Sea, this wee isle (it's only 33 miles long and 13 miles wide) experiences temperate climate without big extremes. According to the Isle of Man Tourism Office, in late spring early summer April through June, these are considered the driest months while May through July are the sunniest.

During the summer months, the Island averages around 200 hours of sunshine per month and around 52mm of rain per month. You'll be there for the island's warmest months as July and August have an average maximum temperature of around 18 Celsius.

This means it'll feel more like warm spring so you should pack suitable clothing with that in mind. Layers are always good because you can remove sweaters and sweatshirts as needed.

For late fall, it's wise to pack a warm jacket and if you wish to feel the salty sea breezes along the coast, take a warm hat and scarf too. No need to worry about thunderstorms as the Isle of Man Tourism office reports these are rarities.

As you tour the island which is 40% uninhabited, don't be surprised by the variation in climate. Sea fog tends to affect the south and east coast but not so much on the west coast. For more travel related information visit the Isle of Man Tourism's web site at


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