By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Please advise about the value added tax in Italy. We are planning a tour.

A: Like so many other European countries that charge a value added tax (VAT), Italy also applies what’s known as Imposta sul Valore Aggiunto, or IVA. This tax is generally an extra 20 per cent that is normally included in the price of most goods and services. The Italian Tourism Board reports the following: 1. EU Non -resident travellers are granted a VAT tax refund on goods purchased in Italy (or any other EU Country) - they can save anywhere from 4% to 20%. 2. The overall values of goods purchased in one particular store must exceed 154.94 EUROS. 3. The goods purchased and the relevant invoice must be shown at the Customs of exit from the EU territory.

So be sure to not pack the goods in your checked baggage. If you do check them, you will not receive your refund. 4. Once travellers leave the EU Country they must return the original invoice with the Customs stamp to the seller (regularly endorsed by the Customs officers).

For more details on how to get VAT refunds and exemptions, visit This web site is a comprehensive guide regarding the VAT Tax.


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