By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: With the hoopla over on the new Bond film, I feel disappointed that I’ll have to wait a while for another film. On top of that, my brother, an avid Bond nut, is planning a trip to Britain next year and wants me to help him with ideas on places to visit with a Bond theme.

A: Next year will mark the centenary of writer Ian Fleming’s birth. For what would have been Mr. Fleming’s special one hundredth birthday bash expect to hear lots more on future announcements related to the acclaimed writer.

To date the Ian Fleming Centre has announced plans for a major exhibition along with a new James Bond novel by an unnamed author. The renowned creator of the 007 character was born on May 28, 1908 in London. For more details visit

In addition, here are some other Ian Fleming hot spots: Dorchester Hotel located on Park Lane ( This luxury hotel was used in the novel Goldfinger. Roger Moore and Sean Connery are frequent guests. Drop by the Stoke Poges championship golf course ( This golf course was also used in the 1964 film classic Goldfinger and if you visit the Stoke Park Club ballroom don’t be surprised if it looks familiar. It was used in the 1997 film, Tomorrow Never Dies.

For a Bond fan, they’ll certainly want to cruise down the Thames River like Bond did in the chase scene from The World Is Not Enough but without all the bullets. London Voyages ( offers this cruise tour.


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