By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Are there any medications for long flights to help combat jetlag?

A: Jet lag is a common ailment that affects even the most seasoned travellers including pilots. Some of the symptoms include poor coordination, irritability, and possibly constipation. However, the common gripe is that everything feels like it's happening at the wrong time.

For instance, meals and bedtime come too early or too late. Jet lag sufferers usually get these symptoms when travelling east or west. Your body starts to adjust soon after your arrival but it does take a day or two, depending on the distance travelled.

As far as medications available to combat this groggy feeling, you can consider the prescription or homeopathic route. In terms of prescription medications, a sleeping pill called Ambien is known to help those suffering from jet lag get some shut eye. The online medical resource web site, states, "Many people take melatonin supplements for jet lag, which have been traditionally sold in health food stores and is not yet available for sale in Canada."

Alternatively there are some natural products such as the Depth Recharger which is herbal beverage. Some swear this helps fight jet lag. Another homeopathic remedy is a pill from New Zealand called No-Jet Lag. This natural substance uses clubmoss, daisy and chamomile. Health Canada has a publication entitled, "Jet Lag" available for download at As always, it's best to consult your doctor before taking any medications.


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