By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: In the next few months, we're looking at driving the I-75 in the United States. Since there is no deadline on when we make our final stop, which will be Florida, I was wondering whether it's worth stopping in places like Kentucky?

A: The hills of Kentucky with their green-capped peaks and dramatic ridges make this stretch along the I-75 truly a driver's delight. You'll certainly wish to venture off this famous interstate and mosey into the hollows for some spectacular state parks.

Try the Daniel Boone National Forest, home to such parks as the Natural Bridge State Resort Park and Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park. A walk down memory lane, these two parks both possess a sixties-style lodge with panelled wooden walls, large stone fireplaces and floor to ceiling windows for awesome views of Mother Nature.

Over at Buckhorn Lake, swimming, hiking and fishing are popular activities while at the Natural Bridge State Resort Park, the soaring sand arches are popular for hikers who love to roam their tops and often beneath them. The state parks are great family or couple getaways that offer a wonderful introduction to the natural unspoiled beauty of Kentucky at an affordable price.

For instance, room rates at Buckhorn lodge are $43US- $73US. Children 16 and younger are free if immediate family or $2.50US for children 16 and younger who are not immediate family. There are also discounts available for seniors 62 and older.

Price includes access to the beach and pool facilities as well as hiking. You'll also find a chockfull of other free activities from bingo to nightly programs.

For more travel information on Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park call toll-free 1-800-325-0058.

Lastly, the Kentucky Department of Parks has a great web site with sublinks to the I-75 region, which you can access from the homepage,


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