By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My husband and I along with our teenage sons are planning a trip to Los Angeles. Could you provide some information on how to go about planning this trip, weather to expect, etc... Do you recommend renting a car during our 3 days in LA or is taking a cab or bus better? Any information or feedback you can provide will be most appreciated!

A: Expect summer, breezy temperatures exactly how Angelenos like it. For city commuting, a cab can get pretty pricey. Most of the city landmarks are accessible by public transit and the drivers there are quite helpful. Prices are low too. Day passes are $5US.

When I was there I hopped on and off the Dash bus for 25-cents US ( )and found the ride convenient and interesting as the bus winds through neat neighborhoods while it attracts a cross section of colorful characters.

Donít be surprised if you see old time looking starlets and dudes with funny pets like a cockatoo on board. For Hollywood gazing such as Universal Studios and downtown LA with its museums, historic Olvera Street and a Red Line walking tour, itís best to take public transit.

ďMetro's red line is seamless from Downtown to Hollywood and it makes it very convenient and affordable to get around. Any excursions from these areas would be easy enough by cab. The only place youíd be a bit of a distance from is the beach, but there are rapid express buses that go from Downtown to Santa Monica throughout the day,Ē says Robin McClain of LA INC. the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau.

If you prefer family bonding time and donít mind the freeways and seemingly endless roads then itís best to rent a car for your short stay. Just remember, there will be parking fees to factor in too.

For trip planning, Los Angeles recently relaunched You can also request a free LA Visitor Guide from the site.


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