By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We are going to Lanzarote for the Ironman this May. We're planning on staying in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote for a week May 22- 28, 2001. We were hoping that you could provide us with information on the best air travel from Toronto, Ontario. Also, are there any package deals to Puerto del Carmen?

A: I know some people who think Ironman is the latest on-line video game or newest vitamin substitute. But really, Ironman is the tough Herculean sport that pits man against nature and challenges athletes in one of the world's most gruelling triathalon competitions.

Since 1979, this event has been held in various exotic destinations. The island of Lanzarote, a part of the Canary Islands, has held the competition for 10 years and is anxiously preparing for the competition scheduled in May. According to the Ironman Lanzarote's official web site,, many athletes have confirmed this as the "toughest Ironman race" ever! When you consider the rugged terrain of this tiny volcanic island that is located off the northwest tip of Africa, it's no wonder.

So your question about airfare to this destination which covers an area of 795 km, making it by far the largest of the Canary Isles was indeed intriguing. I consulted an official at the Spanish Tourist Office where they advised that as far as direct travel, there is nothing at the moment to the Canary Islands from Canada.

My contact suggested the best way to get there would be to travel to any European city and then fly on to Lanzarote. For flight and accommodation information, check with a travel agent specializing in Spain.

If you visit the Spanish Tourism Office's web site at, there is an index of tour operators specializing in Lanzarote.


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