By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Could you let me know when the MTV Music awards will be taking place in Britain? I might be there during that time and would like to visit some of the hotels. I usually visit the hotels and hang out at the bar during TIFF and might do the same there.

A: The red carpet for this yearís MTV Europe Music Awards will be rolled out on November 6, 2008 in Liverpool England. Plan for the A-List of celebrities to gather at some of the poshest hotels there. To date Pink, Beyonce and Kid Rock will be gracing the awards stage.

The buzz right now is that Britney Spears will also be in town and hotels are keeping mum on where the music celebs are staying. But Iíve checked into where the entertainment-types like to visit when in town. The new Beatles inspired hotel, Hard Dayís Night (, which is a four-star luxury property that opened earlier this year has plenty of rooms with many Iím sure booked for the awards.

Peter Sivy, director of operations at Radisson SAS, on Old Hall Street, told, "It's a prestigious event and we've got the big names coming through our door. It's more the profile and prestige that interests us." Another favourite spot for entertainment-types is the luxury boutique hotel, Malmasion ( situated in Princess Dock minutes from the iconic Liver Building.


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