London Pubs


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I don't attend many pub nights at university but I am interested in checking out some pubs on my next trip to London, England

A: Pubs can virtually be found on every street corner in London. The popular tourist areas include Covent Garden, Piccadilly and Soho with some of the oldest near the Tower Bridge. Across London, pubs have attracted their own special tourist not to mention those colorful characters who can string a line or two for hours.

Also, pubs are a great meeting place to catch up with the locals and it is a wonderful way to discover the off-the-beaten track attractions or popular haunts frequented by the locals. After spending a pub evening, you'll most definitely get more ideas and won't know where to start.

Many of us have seen the lively pub life as depicted in the cast of the popular soap opera series, Coronation Street. The residents of the working-class neighborhood of Weatherfield meet at the Rovers Return to share their ups and downs and triumphs and tribulations. The place remains virtually untouched since the first cobblestones were laid. One interesting tid-bit is the setting. According to the Northwest Vision Office, part of England's regional screen agency, Manchester is home to the world's longest running soap opera Coronation Street.

For pub crawls, try the 330-year-old Old Bell Tavern built just before the Great Fire. The earliest patrons here were builders of St. Bride's Church nearby. Now more office types frequent the historic tavern. The Bell's address: 95 Fleet Street. Over on Rose Street at the end of a strange dead end street, the Lamb and Flag is the only surviving example of a 17th century timber building in the west end. Around Trafalgar Square along Northumberland Street, there's Sherlock Holmes, which was a favorite watering hole for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Today, it is a shrine for all things Sherlock related as well as early forensic instruments and remains quite popular.

Here are some helpful pub tips: British beer is stronger than American beer; tipping isn't required; and there are night buses running all night. So if you find you're leaving a pub late one night, buses can be a great option.


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