By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My phobia on trips concerns the loo. For an upcoming trip to London, Iím not sure whether you can help me but I was really hoping you might be able to suggest some favourable rest rooms that would be suitable for women.

A: There is actually a loo awards system in the UK that has been around for 20 years awarding the best of them. This yearís sponsors were bathroom company Armitage Shanks and The British Cleaning Council. Britainís Camping and Caravanning Club won the 2006 Loo of the Year Awards Overall Winnerís Trophy.

More than 1,100 entries were made in the 2006 competition across the 55 different entry categories from all parts of the UK. In addition, eight special ĎChanging Placesí Awards were presented to providers of changing facilities for children and the disabled who need height adjustable changing benches and hoists.

To view the winners and download the full results visit

Women can also enjoy the luxury of Oxford Streetís new ladiesí powder room called WC1. Female shoppers can relax, indulge and revitalize in the first boutique powder room on Londonís Oxford Street. WC1 is a ladies only luxurious toilet and powder room where for £5 (about $10 CDN) you can choose from a five-minute light hand massage or a mini-makeover. To use the posh facilities itíll run £1 (about $2CDN).

The company reports the facilities include oversized air conditioned cubicles with soft white towels which are cleaned and sealed after each use along with premium soaps and hand creams.

For more details visit them on the web at or drop by the place at 439-441 Oxford Street.


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