By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: How do you choose a hotel in Mexico? And are there any cost saving ideas you can offer?

A: Besides being a popular winter destination for Canadians, the price for an all-inclusive package is another strong draw as many resorts in Mexico offer affordable rates where you can eat-all-you-want, drink-all-you-want (with the exception for some Continental liquor or other specialty drinks) and of course lounge in the sun or participate in the many daily activities scheduled throughout the day and evening.

When selecting your vacation property in Mexico, here are some quick pointers to consider: Mexico’s hotel rating system is based on stars and diamonds so when flipping through your tour company’s vacation guide, watch for the one to five star or diamond rating system.

These guidelines relate to the quality of service and amenities instead of rating the price. Sometimes you might hear the phrase “rack rate” which is the maximum rate that a hotel charges for a room. If you’re booking directly with the hotel, you might wish to inquire about discounts or special rates throughout the season.

Often when the price is quoted, depending upon availability there might be a less expensive room than the one quoted. Hotels can also offer reduced discounts for children or they can stay for free up to a certain age.

Your nearest travel agent will be able to give you an idea on price ranges based on your budget and your vacation’s objective. For instance, if you’re craving constant pampering with luxury amenities along with fine dining then be prepared to pay at the higher end.

For other travel information on Mexico, call the Mexican Tourism Board at 1-800-44-MEXICO (639426)


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