Grand Prix in Monaco


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: When is the Grand Prix in Monaco and how do I go about getting tickets?

A: The upcoming Grand Prix will take place on May 19-22, 2005. The prestitigous Automobile Club of Monaco organizes the race each year. If you're interested in being a spectator and viewing this spectacular car race which is considered to be the last true street circuit in the Formula 1 World Championship, the organizers report the annual event usually has more than 3,000 seats available for sale on the circuit.

Be sure to get a map of the circuit which is available by contacting the association so you can see the spot where the seat is located. To contact the Automobile Club of Monaco, visit the French only web site at or call (+377) 93 15 26 00. According to the Monaco Government Tourist Office the best sections are A1, A4, V, Z1, Z2 and O.

During this time there are many venues that make their terraces and roadsides available. For instance, hundreds of Monaco residents are known for renting out their terraces at sky rocketing prices that usually from about 4769 ($7,200 CDN) to 9538 ($15,400) for the four days.

In addition, restaurants and hotels along the course offer special lunch menus that include watching the race from their terraces. So you get a meal and birds' eye seat for the same price. Prices tend to range from 95 to 461 on the race day.

In North America, there are also a couple of tour operators in the United States with special packages and these companies come recommended by the Monaco Government Tourist Office.

For more details on their offerings, contact the Grand Prix Tours based in Newport Beach California, toll-free 1.800.400.1998 or (949) 717-3344 or visit

ToursF1-The Grand Prix Club Inc. from Florida can be reached at 772-382-0216 or log onto

For ticket reservations, you can also contact the Automobile Club of Monaco directly. While these ticket sales have been available since November, there are still tickets available.

Tickets are also available from ticket booths set up during the race. Prices for tickets range anywhere from 46 ($74 CDN) to more than 323 ($523 CDN) for really good seats.

For latecomers and budget conscious fans, lawn spaces are available on the hillside grounds just below the Palace for about 30 or $48 CDN.


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