By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We'll be heading to Montreal shortly for a few days. I really dread the cold there. Are there any indoor activities you could suggest?

A: What a better way to spend the freezing winter days, than exploring Montreal's subterranean city? Located smack in the city centre, this catacomb of walkways link stores, recreational facilities, hotels, and restaurants meaning you don't have to ever really bear the cold elements outside.

I always love to explore Montreal's Underground, which is called the Reseau. A green R logo outlines the path that leads you to nearly 2,000 boutiques, 350 restaurants, 8 hotels, 19 cinemas, 3 skating rinks and 10 subway stops.

The system stretches 19 miles throughout the downtown core. Until March 7, 2004, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has a flashback into the '60s Global Village exhibition showcasing Janis Joplin's psychedelic painted Porsche among other retro symbols. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is located at 1380 Sherbrooke Street West; Tickets are $12 CDN.


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