By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Iím interested in Myrtle Beach. How far is it from Toronto and how long does it take to drive there? What is the average temperature for December and January? Also, is there a 1-800 number as I donít have access to the Internet?

A: Average monthly temperatures for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are pleasantly mild with December averaging 15Celsius and January hovering around 14Celsius. Myrtle Beach is approximately 868 miles from Toronto.

Interstate travelers can use I-95 or I-20 to arrive within close proximity to the Grand Strand, where you can pick up a direct route to the area. Once you arrive, finding your way around the Grand Strand is easy.

Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway (also known as Business Hwy. 17) run north and south along the Grand Strand parallel to the Atlantic Ocean. Highway 17 Bypass, a busy section of highway referred to by locals as simply "the Bypass," is the Grand Strand's westernmost route running parallel to the ocean.

The Bypass begins in Murrells Inlet and continues northward until it merges with Kings Highway just before the Restaurant Row district. Mile markers are located on Business and Bypass Hwy. 17 to make navigation easier.

Myrtle Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau can be reached at (800) 356-3016 or (843) 626-7444.


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