By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I will be in Nevada for two weeks in July. One week will be in Vegas & the other travelling around the state. My question is, which would be cheaper, to book through a travel agent or reserve the flight, hotels & car myself?

A: : It all depends on your preference. Are you someone who enjoys placing numerous inquiries and researching all the available options? Or do you prefer to have someone provide this?

Most often people use a travel agent for a few reasons. First, it takes the pain away in phoning around for best prices in accommodations, airlines, and car rental agencies.

Second, travel agencies receive their vacation packages in bulk from a seller. In general, the travel agencies have the luxury of providing a package based on the law of supply and demand and thus will be priced accordingly. That is why traditionally you see prices dropping off closer to the departure date.

Another reason is that a travel agent acting as a specialist has the expertise on various destinations. There are a variety of discount travel agencies dealing in budget travel. Selloff Vacations provides airline, hotel & car rental reservations. The only caveat is that it is a maximum seven day package. Need more info? Contact Selloff Vacations at 416.253.4000 or 1.800.246.2834.

Still curious about prices? On a whim, contact Nevada Tourism at 1.800.NEVADA.8 and ask to receive their free travel planner which has a complete directory of events, attractions, hotels and car rental listings. Then compare the quoted price of a hotel room to the hotel cost in the package deal offered by your preferred travel agency. If your researched hotel price is less, then inform your travel agent and see if they can provide a better rate.


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