New Mexico Vacation Guide


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Our winter destinations have always included the Caribbean or Florida. My husband is encouraging me to try something different. He's been proposing New Mexico. Can I get some brochures somewhere?

A: The state has recently published its latest complementary comprehensive travel planner guide called, "2005 New Mexico Vacation Guide," which you can order from the state tourism department at toll-free 1.800.SEE-NEW-MEX (733-6396).

Once you receive your copy, you'll see there are six sections detailing the various regions in New Mexico with Albuquerque in the Central region, Carlsbad in the southeast and Santa Fe in North Central.

A handy detachable road map also highlights New Mexico's 26 scenic byways, which range in length from four miles to more than 600 miles. "So many fascinating stories of the Old West found their beginnings in New Mexico Territory," says Jon Hendry, marketing director of the New Mexico Tourism Department, "and many of them centered around Silver City, Billy the Kid and Geronimo."

The options of attractions and destinations run the gamut with virtually something for every traveller. There's Roswell's mysterious Alien Zone, Route 66, Santa Fe's chi-chi dining and the sumptuous views of the River Corridor along the Animas River.


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