By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Sometime ago I read about a "Magnetic Hill" located somewhere. If you know anything at all about this attraction, please let me know. My reputation is at stake. I said there was a "Magnetic Hill" in the area and of course everyone laughed.

A: If you're hoping for a magnetic response in your favour, sorry.

New Brunswick Tourism pegs the Magnetic Hill as one of its top attractions. Located in Moncton, you can drive your vehicle to the foot of the hill, put it in neutral at the end of a narrow dirt road and just sit tight while you coast uphill. Even the water rolls uphill.

If driving, it's just off Route 2, exit at 488 A & B and you'll see the signs. The Moncton Chamber of Commerce says there is a $2 charge per car.

To request a free travel planning kit, contact Tourism New Brunswick at 1-800-561-0123.


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