noise canceling headphones called "Noisebuster" released by Pro Tech Communications


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Flying has never been one of my strong points. I try to distract myself from the sounds but haven't been able to really get a good night sleep on those overseas flights. Do you know if there is a product or something that can help me filter out the noises?

A: Trying to filter out the ambient sounds of the jet's engines, crying babies and chattering neighbors on board can certainly be a task when flying. I've got friends who for years have used those orange ear plugs you can pick up at your nearest drugstore but recently there was a new product that just became available.

On a recent overseas trip, I used the noise canceling headphones called "Noisebuster" released by Pro Tech Communications. The company reports "the Noisebuster electronically cancels irritating background nose so you can enjoy peace and quiet."

Plug the earphones into the usual headset prong located at your control panels where you normally would plug in the airline's headset and voila, I couldn't believe the results.

There was an immediate silence. I no longer heard the crying baby three aisles from me. First introduced in 1994 to the consumer audio market, the Noisebuster technology was developed by "anti-noise" engineers and the company reports its latest model is the best version yet.

It includes the latest technological innovations packaged in a headphone design. According to Pro Tech Communications, the headphone reduces the noise by 18-20dB and reduces noise between 20Hz and 1,200Hz. This handy portable black headset can easily be stored in your carry-on and retails for $69US.

For more info on Noisebuster or to place an order contact Pro tech Communications at 800-468-8371, visit or visit for purchases.


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