By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My cousin from Boston will be flying into Halifax and he wants to rent a car. How much will it cost and what does he need to get the rental. I donít know if heíll be driving to see us right now but heíll certainly be doing plenty of driving in Nova Scotia.

A: Thereís a great search engine out there thatíll help solve his rental driving woes. He can log onto This search engine recently introduced a car rental directory which does a cost comparison as it calculates prices for a variety of rental companies. In addition, the calculations also include the duration of his trip. Say he wants to book a car for a week from March 6th through March 13th, then heís looking at prices varying from $270-$580 using companies like Thrifty, Discount and Budget.

When I rented a car and drove across Nova Scotia last February with mom, we picked our rental up at the Halifax International airport, provided a driverís licence, (he can use his US driverís licence), inquired about insurance (good idea), and picked up a road map. The next thing you know. youíve got the keys in your hand and can set yourself into cruise control as you admire the sights and sounds of one of Atlantic Canadaís prettiest coastlines.


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