By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Our daughter will be starting her first year at New York University (NYU) this fall. Can you please recommend a couple of restaurants? We're also unfamiliar with the neighborhood and would like to plan an evening of fun.

A: Seeing that your daughter will be attending university in the fall, I'll presume a planned New York City trip is slated shortly.

Situated in the hub of Greenwich Village near Washington Square, most venues around NYU will be trendy and chique catering to the university crowd.

A hip café restaurant, four city blocks south from NYU, Café Bari (529 Broadway) serves up Italian fare a la spice in a style reminiscent of Italy but with a touch of the exotic middle east. A winding balustrade leads hungry folk upstairs to a self-serve and dining section, overlooking the bustling intersection of Spring Street and Broadway, a perfect location for clothes shopping with a nearby Prada store to boot.

Closer to NYU on the northwest corner of Washington Square, North Square (103 Waverly Place) is a quaint restaurant offering American fare with a zest. Executive Chef Yoel Cruz's signature appetizers include "Eggplant Cannelloni" and "Lobster and Artichoke Tamal."

This is an undiscovered gem for tourists and can be easily missed if you're not careful. One sure hint is the premise is situated beside the historic and newly renovated Washington Square Hotel. You know this is a great dining place as the locals frequent North Square.

Some great interactive fun can be had with a good game of bowling. Bowlmor Lanes whose star-studded bowler's have included Cameron Diaz and the Rolling Stones is a great place to unwind. The place starts to jump after 10 pm. Shoe rentals are $4 and $7.25 per person per game. Bowlmor Lanes is located on 110 University Place.


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