By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Is it possible to provide some info on wineries around Ohio?

A: Where else can you buy wine and at the same time find sky divers, car shows, steak cookouts, hot air balloons and costume parties? The Ohio region that is.

Wine making traces back to the early 1820's when Catawba grapes were planted along the shore of the Ohio River. Known as t he "Rhineland of America," this region produced over 300,000 gallons of wine annually by 1860.

Over the years with such historical periods as the Civil War and Prohibition, winemaking virtually came to a lull.

Today, Ohio ranks fifth in the number of American wineries. And according to the Ohio Wine Producers Association, Ohio produces over 1.5 million gallons of wine annually.

The majority of wineries are located along the south shore of Lake Erie or along the Ohio river Valley, where growing conditions are most favourable. This year visitors have a chance to purchase the Ohio Wine Passport. For more details, contact the Ohio Wine Producers Association at 1.800.227.6972 or visit


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