By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I canít cope with all the web sites out there and I really donít even know where to begin to look. But is there hopefully some kind of guide that simply lists hotels, inns and resorts for Ontario?

A: Yes. One of the best resources to come on the market today is an accommodation source book issued by the non-profit Ontario Accommodation Association (OAA). It recently launched the 2007 Traveller's Companion membership directory. Free of charge the 64-page issue is subtitled, "Your Source for Ontario Accommodation."

Organizers say this year's edition is the biggest one ever. Youíll find colour and a custom centre map showing every Ontario city and town where OAA members are located including locations for 18 Ontario Travel Information Centres.

The 2007 Traveller's Companion lists all 1,000 accommodation members of the OAA: motels, inns, hotels, resorts, B&Bs and lodges.

It is available at most regional tourist info centres, or by calling OAA at 1-800-461-1972. Email: Order online at


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