By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: On our next family trip we'll be driving up to Tobermory. Are there any good maps or scenic route information available?

A: If history and local scenic points are of interest, then you may wish to receive a free copy of "Passport to Heritage," a 75-page booklet packed with maps and contact information from the Ontario Heritage Foundation.

Among the 11 heritage tours outlined, the Blue-Water Trail offers a great family road trip covering 512 kilometres and including such stops as Chatham-Kent where the local museum houses an Egyptian mummy and Dresden, home of Uncle Tom's Cabin historic site.

Other towns on the Bluewater Trail include Wallaceburg, Grand Bend, Goderich and Wiarton, whose peculiar resident, Wiarton Willy, a groundhog, is world famous.

In total, 13 towns and cities are outlined with various points-of-interest. Free Ontario road maps can also be ordered through Ontario Tourism.

For copies and other travel information call 1.800.ONTARIO.


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