By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Our family plans a summer retreat every year. It has become a tradition where we take my in-laws and our three kids. I think you've mentioned some parks in the past. Could you let me know where I could get more information on park locations along with their descriptions?

A: The 2004 Ontario Parks Guide is hot off the presses. You'll be able to find out the inside scoop on such topics as camping fees, reservations and pets. The easy-to-store pocket guide divides the province into six regions listing provincial parks from the northwestern region to the southeastern region. With hundreds of lakes, rivers, rugged inlets and lush coniferous mountains, your options run the gamut. The 96-page guide is available in French and English. For your free copy, call 1.800.ONTARIO. Some sections are also available for download from


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