By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I saw a spa show about 8 months ago that was advertising a place about 2.5hrs north of Toronto, but for the life of me I've forgotten the exact name. The only words in the name were Bridal and Trail. I can't remember if either word was plural and which word came first in the name. Could you help?

A: To assist in this reply, I contacted Liz Conway of Spas Ontario who has offered some ideas. 2 1/2 hours N-E of Toronto would get you to Bride's Gate Inn, which has been renamed Grail Springs Spa (1 877 553 5772 in Canada & USA) at the Bride's Gate Inn. "It's a wonderful place in Bancroft. (Yes, you read right.) They are among the Premier Spas group," offers Liz. She adds that the Clear Day Spa in the Bayview-York Mills road, which is near the Bridaltrail might be another.

Clear Day Spa is located at 300 York Mills Road Toronto, Ontario M2L 2Y5. Their phone number is 416.386.0300. For more information on Spas Ontario, phone toll-free (800)-990-7702 or visit


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