Pet vacations are certainly popular


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I've heard of people taking their pets on trips but can hotels have their own pet dog too? I'll be in Winnipeg and would love to take my pet beagle. I hope she might have a companion or something.

A: Pet vacations are certainly popular. You might have seen television segments of chi chi pooch parlors along Rodeo Drive or canine beauty salons opening up in New York City. Even Donald Trump's popular reality show "The Apprentice" had a show dedicated to scrubbing canines and giving doggie makeovers in Central Park.

So it's no wonder when you discover establishments have their King Rover on the premise. From Bed and Breakfast inns showing off their furry residents to posh hotels like Fairmont Winnipeg, these days you'll discover a pooch somewhere.

Since Winnipeg is on your destination list, be sure to consider the Fairmont. Their newest employee is Dakota the Dog. A one-year-old Labrador crossbreed, Dakota was rescued by the Humane Society and has set up quarters in the lobby of the Fairmont Winnipeg.

He's part of the hotel's dog ambassador program, which launched last September. The program was started to raise awareness of the Winnipeg Humane Society and to make guests feel at home when staying at the hotel.

The hotel reports so far Dakota has been a hit with several requests from guests to take him for a walk. Be sure to inquire about the Fairmont's pet policy. Small or medium dogs are permitted and they must weigh up to 50 pounds.

There is a $25 per day charge.

For more details on the Fairmont Winnipeg's pet programs phone (204) 985-6207 or toll-free (800) 441-1414


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