By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: One of the treats I give myself on vacation is to take lots of photos. Although when I get them developed there are those I wish I had never taken. Do you have any tips you can share?

A: Snapping the perfect picture while on holiday can make you anxious to say the least. Especially when the holiday planning was long and meticulous. Perhaps you drove 600 kilometres to witness a sumptuous sunset in the hills, flew halfway across the world to watch the fireworks in Victoria Harbour or invested in scuba gear to submerge in the deep blue sea. All of these efforts were done in sake of capturing the "perfect picture."

Tom Grimm, a professional photog, dusts off the lense with valuable pointers. "Read and reread your camera manual and always carry it with you. Most new camera owners look at the instructions only once or twice. But modern digital and film cameras are not as simple as their advertisements suggest," explains Grimm in his revised tome, "The Basic Book of Photography." The best-selling handbook for amateur and expert photographers is available at major bookstores.


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