airplane seating and in-flight service information


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Is there a way to pinpoint where your seat is on a plane?

A: Most airlines have fleet information available at their web sites. For instance, WestJet Airlines at shows diagrams with fleet descriptions. So does Air Transat which has an online airplane plan.

Another great source to help solve your air seating woes is Purported as "the ultimate source for airplane seating and in-flight service information," you can be well on your way to better comfort.

Over 20 airlines are available on the site with details on all their carriers. You'll find neat descriptors like "good seat" "poor seat" "be aware seats" and also a map highlighting the lavatory, galley, closets and exit locations.

Started in 2001 by Matthew Daimler, a frequent flier and avid traveler, is frequently updated and accepts readers' feedback.


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