By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We've heard from friends that it's possible to see polar bears in Manitoba. Is there a tour operator you can suggest?

A: Winnipeg's Great Canadian Travel Company is providing two weekend trips scheduled this fall. The expedition starts in Winnipeg where polar bear lovers will be transported to Churchill where a Tundra Buggy equipped with a washroom and heat awaits the curious spectators. Witness first-hand how these white Arctic kings behave along the shores of Hudson Bay.

The tour operator recommends that you dress warmly with layered clothing as the temperatures drop very quickly when the windows are opened for the prized photo-op. Seats are available for October 25 and November 1st, 2002. Prices are C$1089 + 154 taxes. For further details, phone 204.949.0199 or visit


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