By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Do you use any online tools for price comparisons when it comes to booking air travel and hotels? Iím always trying to look out for the best deals and donít always read all the ads in the newspapers.

A: Booking air and accommodations is a competitive business as airlines and hotels seem to be offering all kinds of deals. When checking air prices, my favourite is You plug in your travel dates, number of persons flying with you, and whether you are flexible or are interested in direct only. Once the details are plugged in, the search engine goes to work and in seconds, you will see a number of airlines, flight times and prices.

You can book directly online but I prefer to visit my nearest travel agent (I have two locations from which to choose in my neighbourhood). Not sure where the nearest one is to you? Enter your postal code on the homepage and voila, a list of centres will appear. Other online travel price checkers are, and These search engines also track car rental companies, hotels and more.


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