By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Iím a lavender fan but donít want to fly to France. I heard there was a place in Canada that is very popular for this. Could you hopefully provide me with some details.

A: If you want to seek out lavender but donít want to spend big bucks on an international flight, then be sure to visit Bleu Lavande in Quebec. Itís lavender as far as the eye can see at this place located near the village of Fitch Bay.

Purported to be the leading lavender producer in Canada with 220,000 plants, the company continues to expand. Every Tuesday in July and August, visitors will be able to picnic in the lavender fields to the soothing strains of classical music.

Les Mardi Bleu Classique, as the concerts are called, are produced in conjunction with the Centre d'Arts Orford.

For more information call Bleu Lavande at (819) 876-5851 or visit them on the Internet at


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