By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My children are interested in doing some great winter activities. We've done the skiing, and they are too young to do snowboarding, I was hoping to show them some fun but am lost for ideas. For this trip I would even like to take them out of Ontario for a change. Can you direct me to someplace fun? Much appreciate your time.

A: Reputed as the largest winter carnival in the world, this year Quebec City is getting Bon Homme geared to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Winter Carnival. Scheduled January 30 - February 15, 2004, the Mr. Christie's Quebec Carnival will have hopping activities from dog sledding, to snowmobile rides to everything in between. Afterwards, indulge in a hot cup of cocoa by the fireside or find a spot along the nightly parade route. By day, wear the layers, double up on the socks as you and your kids absorb the sights and sounds of this purely magical annual event. The joie de vivre is memorable and will truly be in your children's thoughts for years to come. For more details, log onto


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