By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Where could I obtain accommodation and travel information on Quebec City? Any web sites you can direct me to would be appreciated?

A: Once you stroll along the cobbled stone streets and venture onto the infamous Boardwalk, you quickly take note on how la belle ville de Quebec has captured the hearts of tourists worldwide. With more than 12,000 lodging units available, Quebec City certainly provides visitors with a wide range of accommodation. Visit the Quebec Tourism & Convention Bureau's web site which includes info on motorhomes, youth hostels, campgrounds and hotels.

What's it like being a king or queen? Why not visit Le Chateau Frontenac? This copper turreted landmark is also a United Nations World Heritage site. It has been pampering guests since 1892. For reservations, contact Fairmont Hotel Chateau Frontenac at 1.800.441.1414.

You can order free publications such as "Quebec Special Events" and "Quebec-Amerique" when you call Tourisme Quebec at 1 800 363-7777 or visit


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