By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: When does Quebec City’s 400th birthday celebrations get underway?

A: Events are planned throughout the year but most of the big celebrations are between June and October. However the really big show is on July 3rd, the anniversary of the founding of Quebec City and the exact date of its 400th anniversary which takes place at the Plains of Abraham.

During July 3-5, the Place de l’Assemblée-nationale will showcase the biggest international street performance companies. Other spectacular events include multimedia and theatre guru Robert LePage whose innovative work The Image Mill will be launched at Espace 400e. The show is set June 20-July 29. There’s urban opera on July 5 and on October 19, Cirque Du Soleil will perform a spectacularly themed show celebrating diverse cultures.

Meanwhile Celine Dion lovers can gather at the Plains of Abraham on August 22 for a free concert. For up-to-date event listings and to learn more about the 400th anniversary celebrations, you can visit The web site includes video clips from the event creators, a 400th anniversary blog, tourist information and more.


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