By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Is the Rideau Canal opened? I’m not sure on the Winterlude dates and would like to know if the canal is frozen.

A: At press time the world's largest ice rink, Ottawa's Rideau Canal, is currently closed. In an announcement released by the National Capital Commission earlier last week, the NCC reported that the Skateway is presently closed and is dangerous to venture onto the partially frozen surface of the Canal.

“The layer of ice that has formed on the surface is very thin and may not be able to support a person,” it reported. The NCC urges everyone to keep personal safety in mind and to stay off the Rideau Canal Skateway until the official opening is announced.

For the upcoming announcement telephone (613) 239-5234 for daily updated Skateway conditions or visit the Capital Infocentre located on 90 Wellington Street in Ottawa across from Parliament Hill.

This year’s Winterlude is scheduled February 2 through February 18, 2007. For schedule of events and details on the annual winter festival, visit the NCC’s official web site and click on the sub-link Discover the Capital.


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