By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I'd like to visit my daughter who lives in Vancouver. Are there any deals currently for airfare? Any suggestions are appreciated.

A: Currently you'll find a lot of carriers offering seat sales. One of the newest airlines is from Canadian fashion retailer Roots which has entered the air wars. The newly launched Roots Air promises passengers true luxury at a great value. With their inaugural flight that occured a couple of days ago, (March 26 to be exact), Roots Air is offering air travel to Vancouver at a price of $415 including all taxes. That's almost at half the price of what larger airlines have been charging in the past.

Besides flights to Vancouver, Roots Air also flies to Calgary with Montreal and Los Angeles following on June 6. The airline is targeting mainly business travelers and promises to undercut Air Canada in the other classes. According to the web site,, full-fare passengers instantly get a taste of the airline when arriving at Lester B. Pearson International Airport as a lounge is packed with coffee, a bar and Internet access.

Once boarded on the Airbus 320 which seats 150 passengers, expect to sit in plush cushioned seats and await for the menu. True to the Roots name, the company reports, "With cuisine this delicious, you'll want to cancel the dinner reservations you made on land." Tickets can be purchased through your travel agency or by contacting Roots Air. Dial 1.877.668.7247 (1.87ROOTSAIR)


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