By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My husband will be retiring in the next three years. We have never really travelled before but we were thinking it would be nice to do that now that we will be both together. We were thinking of taking a year to just drive around Canada and maybe the United States. Do you know where we can start to do our research? I realize this is a tall order but any advice you have will be most helpful. We read your column all the time and love it.

A: One subject popular among roadtrip enthusiasts revolves around recreational vehicles (RVs). This RV crowd has their own mantra and keep themselves rigourously updated by attending RV shows, joining associations, subscribing to RV-related publications among many other activities.

In fact, many of the converted attest that RV is synonymous to "freedom" because they report you don't have the hassles normally associated with other forms of travel. So if you want to hang out in the Alberta Badlands for a week, indulge in the gorgeous scenery around Banff or breathe in the salty sea breezes off the Bay of Fundy, you can enjoy it at your own pace.

One excellent online resource that is chockablock of useful travel information for the RV crowd is the Go RVing Canada web site, www.gorving.ca. Besides its easy navigation, the site is organized by answering the four "W"s (who, what, why and where).

For instance when it comes to Where, the site offers five suggestions on where one can take their recreational vehicle. You can join a caravan across Canada, take weekend trips, go off the beaten path or follow your dream and drive across Canada in your RV.

Loaded with driving tips, RV rental suggestions, RV themed magazines, you can also request a free brochure on their website.

For further information on how you can get involved in the RV lifestyle, you can write to the office at Go RVing Canada, 2175 Sheppard Avenue East, Ste 310, Toronto, Ontario M2J 1W8, or call 1-888-Go RVing (467-8464) or visit them online.


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