By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: On our trip to San Francisco, we'd like to visit some of the older theatres. Are these still opened? If you have any details about them, we'd appreciate it

A: Theatre in San Francisco has been respected as a breeding ground of talent since the days of the Gold Rush.

If the walls of San Francisco's grand old venues could talk, any theatre aficionado would be captivated for days. This nostalgic feeling is even made simpler when you discover the doors of many historic theatres are opened and ready for business.

The Warfield which opened in 1922, spotlighted silent films and vaudeville shows featuring Charlie Chaplin, Al Jolson and Rin Tin Tin. After recent renovations, the Warfield houses a bar and restaurant and serves as a popular performance venue. For show and theatre info, contact 415.775.7722 or visit

Over on Geary Street, the Curran Theatre decorated with 400 light crystal chandeliers, pastoral murals and an embroidered blue and purple velvet curtain, was the spot to catch early productions of Katherine Hepburn, Vincent Price and Carole Channing. For calendar and ticket information call 415.551.2075.

Echoing Broadway, the Orpheum Theatre houses the Best of Broadway series regularly showcasing the most current theatre seen outside of the Big Apple.

But, it wasn't always so. Designed in the 1920's fashion of opulence and romance, the theatre originally was known as the Pantages. The façade mirrors a medieval cathedral in Leon, France while the walls are decorated with folkloric characters and lions.

All the biggest celebrities and movers and shakers walked through these doors with much splashy ado when the Pantages opened its doors in 1926. For more info, visit


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