By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I want to book a golf trip for two including airfare, accommodations and golf. We're going mid to late March. The destination choices are Florida, South Carolina and Puerto Rico. Any idea where I can book online or look for these destinations?

A: Here's a quick rundown on some great golf resources for your golf getaway planning. When it comes to this favorite pasttime for many Florida visitors, is a perfect web site listing hotel packages, deals and other contact info for golf courses. You can also visit Florida's official web site, and from the drop down menu select, "Interests" then click GOLF for various golf packages.

The South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism recommend a couple of golf-related web sites. Billed as "the official golf publication of the grand stand," is loaded with free package quotes, free newsletters, and the latest golf course reviews as well as golf packages. has a Hot Deals section for golf vacation packages. You can also order online a free copy of "South Carolina Places Guide," a handy pocket guide giving you the skinny on golf in this state. It's perfect for your glove compartment. Another must-have is a free copy of the "South Carolina Golf Guide" which has the inside scoop on the over 250 Public Golf Courses across the state. Visit to order a copy.

Over in sunny Puerto Rico, there are 11 championship golf courses from which to choose with more in the works. This destination which calls itself, "the golf capital of the Caribbean" has a terrific golf guide available online at the Puerto Rico Tourism Company's web site, Go to Beaches and Sports and click on "Top Sports" then select Golf and choose from the list of golf courses.


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