By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My husband and I are both seniors. We're planning a late fall trip to Europe and are wondering about train travel. Do you know where we could get more information?

A: Eurorail passes have been the long favored route chosen by travellers who wish to sneak peeks of the lush countrysides and historic towns across Europe. In Canada, Rail Europe provides a roster of different types of Eurail travel packages for Europe. Included in their long shopping list, there is an area devoted especially with the senior traveller (age 60 and over) in mind.

There are such popular packages as the BritRail Senior Flexipass, which includes stops in Scotland, England and Wales; the Balkan Flexipass Senior, which travels through Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey and former Yugoslavia as well as many other packages depending on your interest.

The different packages are based on destination and duration so the prices vary. For instance, the Scanrail senior pass includes visits to Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden with pricing from $354 per senior for five days of unlimited train travel in two months to $548 per senior for 21 days of consecutive unlimited train travel.

Simply put, five days of unlimited travel in two months means, that you can travel any 5 days during the 2 months the pass is valid. In other words you could travel today July 25, then again on the 28th, then perhaps the 30th, then the 1st of August, and finally on the 5th of August.

For the 21 days consecutive travel, this basically means you have purchased a 21-day pass. "When the pass is validated in Europe you can technically travel every day as much as you like for the next 3 weeks," says Derick McQuarrie, Rail Europe's Business Development Manager for Central and Eastern Canada.

Rail tickets can be reserved by visiting your nearest travel agent or by contacting Rail Europe at their toll-free number 1.800.361.7245 or by visiting them on the web at


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