By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We’re visiting Venice next month for a couple of days. My relatives live in Tuscany but my boyfriend and I want to take a trip alone to visit this city. What should we look out for?

A: Depending on your dates, you just might wish to head there in early September to view the Regata Storica. City insiders swear this is the most traditional event that takes place in all of Venice. Picture the long waters of the Grand Canal and switch the time clock back to 1489. That’s when Caterina Cornaro wife of the King of Cyprus arrived. She renounced her throne in favour of Venice resulting in the beginning of the power of the Serenissima (Venice) on Cyprus.

Today a regatta of gondolas will re-enact this historic occasion. Over 100 boats and an actress playing the beautiful Cypriot queen will be there donning period costumes and lively entertainment.

Young rowers will compete for their chance to win on Canalasso which is what Venetians call the Grand Canal. Regata Storica takes place September 2nd. For art and gallery hopping be sure to purchase a Museum Pass which provides admission to all the city-run museums. It's available at any of the participating museums for about $24 CDN or 16€ for adults.

Main sights not-to-be-missed include St. Mark’s Square, Campo San Polo, Dogi’s Palace, Palazzo Grassi, Basilica St. Marco, the opera house and of course the bridges. The City of Venice Tourism Office offers tours to discover Venice too.

For travel information and tour details, visit the official web site of the Venice Tourism Office at, click on the English version then the sublink, “Guided Visits and Tours by the Venice Tourist Board” on the homepage.


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