By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: My next business trip will take me to Shanghai. I haven’t flown here and would like to know what type of an airport it is and how I can get myself to Deping Rd.

A: There are several modes of transportation one can take once you arrive at Pudong International Airport, incidentally China’s second largest air terminal. For instance there’s the Maglev train, airport shuttle, hotel shuttle, long distance bus, and taxi. To get to Deping Road, you can take airport bus line No. 4. There are helpful airport greeters dressed in red donning a bright yellow sash able to assist with inquiries as well as a Visitor Information Booth on the main floor of the new second terminal building where English-speaking agents can also provide information.

Terminal Two which has been compared to the wings of a seagull due to its shape just opened in March to big fanfare., purported as the largest Chinese-English bilingual aviation web portal, reports, “Passengers can get to any transport mode to leave the airport in just five to 10 minutes after leaving the terminal halls.”

Included in the new terminal is a dining and shopping area where travelers have a wide range of options from designer shops to food chain outlets. All in all if flying direct from Toronto via Air Canada expect the flight to be about 14.5 hours. So prepare to pack your inflatable pillow, eye mask, ear phones and your favourite book.


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