Do any other airlines flying overseas allow smoking?


By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I appreciate that Canadian based airlines have no smoking flights. Do any other airlines flying overseas allow smoking?

A: These days you'll find major airlines prohibit smoking with the majority of smaller airlines also following suit. According to Natural Life Magazine, smoking is banned on all domestic flights within the United States and Canada. In the past, you would have been able to spot a Sultan-type of guy in the Middle East smoking on a Middle Eastern flight but these instances according to are getting rarer.

The tobacco news and information web site headed up by ex smoker Gene Borio, a New Yorker, posts various news articles from around the world daily. Gene says he made the site to "help people save time sorting through the deluge of information, helping them find just the specific items they need for their work." In fact, you'll find several smoke-free advocacy organizations listing information on smoke-free air travel with many of them offering the latest news on smoke free airlines and airports.

Action on Smoking and Health, a US non-profit group around for 36 years, provides a list of airlines that are smoke-free as well as those that permit smoking. Although a couple of years old, the list is pretty extensive and covers over 80 airlines around the world indicating which ones are smoke-free and which ones allow smoking.

Log onto for the full list. But, as an important footnote if you are planning on an overseas flight, you should consult with the airline before you book your travel plans on what their smoking policies are.


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