By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: I read your responses in the Toronto Sun and hope to tap into your knowledge. Next May, I will be celebrating one of those milestone birthdays (50). I am looking to mark the occasion in a unique way. Can you tell me of some (on the lesser expensive side) holidays geared toward a female single traveler? I am not terribly keen on water but would consider a variety of other adventures, hopefully in an area where I have never been, which is extensive as I have not traveled much. I'm in good physical shape, so activity is not an issue. I've searched on the Internet, but can't seem to narrow the criteria enough so I don't have to wade through a sea of links that are not what I'm looking for.

A: Soft adventure, spa getaways and cultural travel are some of the popular themes attracting travellers who might not wish to tackle whitewater rafting, bungee jumping or any other extreme travel adventure. You’ll find a myriad of tour companies and specialists are catering to the burgeoning markets associated with soft leisure travel.

In the last few years, cultural travel has really picked up speed. Solo travel especially among women is common. To connect with likeminded souls, you can log onto, helmed by intrepid travel journalist Evelyn Hannon.

In Ontario, Ontario Tourism ( has released a free brochure, “Ontario’s Distinctive Getaways” focusing on theatre, wine and culinary and heritage inns. Cooking classes, signature wines and posh historic inns are some of the neat finds here. You can download the brochure at the Ontario Tourism web site.

Over in Quebec, our neighbouring province is packed with cultural travel diversions. Spa getaways also dubbed wellness travel and culinary experiences are plentiful. For the latest info visit

If you’re interested in exploring the arts, many of the biggest arts metropolises in the world can be found in the United States. Chicago (, New York City ( and the City of Angels, Los Angeles ( are just a few.

If you visit their tourism offices online, there will be a grab bag of interesting activities worth exploring. Seeing that you’ll be celebrating the big birthday in spring, this season is a wonderful time to explore Europe.

In France, the City of Light Paris ( is open for lovers of all types. Gastronomy, shopping, museum hopping and sightseeing through the historic capital will certainly make you want to schedule a return visit. Visit Paris for more details.

In Rome (,) the Eternal City is rich in all things cultural and historic. For the latest on these destinations, it’s best to visit your nearest travel agent. They will be able to give you many take-away pamphlets and will be able to quote the best prices and packages.


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