By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: As a woman in my forties, I'm considering a spring trip where I'd travel alone. I haven't decided on my destination yet but I wanted to know if you had any tips, books to read, to help me get comfortable to the idea of traveling alone.

A: When holidays are discussed, many times it involves planning a trip with other family members or friends. Just because you don't have a travelling companion doesn't mean you should stay home. Solo travel is an experience many of us should try at least once in our life.

In fact, for myself many times it's been on these jaunts where I've met new friends, discovered different cultures and sharpened my good-judgment skills in predicaments that otherwise might not have occurred if I were with others.

You'll find these days, hotels come equipped with irons, hair dryers, so these stocked items steer you away from making an unnecessary room service calls. For a money saver, request a room with a kitchenette. Visit the local market and dine in to help the pocketbook.

Several guidebooks have been penned on the subject of the female traveler. Here are two that come to mind: "Gutsy Women: More Travel Tips and Wisdom for the Road" by Marybeth Bond and "Safety and Security for Women Who Travel" by Peter Laufer and Sheila Swan available from major bookstores.

More and more women are also turning to spa holidays. Here, you'll have all your amenities determined. You'll be pampered and spend time indulging in some R&R.


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