By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: We'd like to see bullfights on our trip to Spain. Any info is appreciated.

A: Situated under the shadow of the Pyrennes about 50 kilometers south of the mountain range lies Pamplona, a lively city comprised of thousands of bullfight lovers.

If your plans are to attend the upcoming bullfights here, the upcoming fiesta is scheduled July 6-14.

The Sanfermin Festival is another grueling festival that pits man against nature. Visit for last year's scores. There are over 30 sections including, "Pamplona: How to arrive," "Running of the Bulls," "Watch Out," "The Night," and even "Last Years." The details are so detailed, they even list statistics on the number of people gored.

According to the site, over 1600 people were injured a couple of years ago.

This tradition which dates back as early as the 1500's is a popular event across Spain and has inspired artists like Picasso and writers like Ernest Hemingway to interpret the primeval dance into their medium.

Today, tourists flock from across the world to witness the mighty matador wave his red velvet cape at the giant toro.

Although, the bullfight season starts in March, the fiesta really gets underway in the spring and summer with cities such as Andalucia holding bullring matches twice a week.

For the bullfight calendar in Andalucia log onto


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