By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: What’s with the star system in Britain?

A: Around the world, the star system gets star ratings with many travellers who rely on this hotel ranking system which in many cases has been determined by various hotel associations and other lodging organizations.

When it comes to lodging and the star system in Britain, VisitBritain has introduced a policy of only promoting accommodation that has been quality assessed by the Automobile Association (AA), Royal Automobile Club (RAC), VisitScotland, Wales Tourist Board or VisitBritain.

The rating symbol for all accommodation types assessed from January 2006 is a star which is widely recognized as a mark of quality. When it comes to the star ratings system, here’s a quick guide on what the symbols mean: One Star: simple, practical, no frills; Two Star: Well presented and well run; Three Star: Good level of quality and comfort; Four Star: Excellent standard throughout; Five Star: Exceptional with a degree of luxury.

For more information on accommodations, you can search for lodgings at the official website of VisitBritain,


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