By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Can I save money on an upcoming family trip to Switzerland? I heard their transit system is pretty good. Any ideas

A: Considering every year 100 million passengers use the Swiss PostBus system which is spread over 10,000 km that sounds pretty remarkable! So the Swiss PostBus is a must. Started in 1906, this yellow transit system is much in demand and used by locals and visitors alike.

Their national park even has four bus routes from which to choose. When you travel on it, donít be surprised if the ubiquitous bells sound familiar. The notes were inspired by Rossiniís William Tell Overture. For details on scheduling and ticket information, visit

Another great money saver is purchasing a Swiss Pass or a Flexipass from Rail Europe. The Swiss Pass ticket is available for 4, 8, 15, or 30 consecutive days while the Flexipass is used within a fixed period. This is the best way to explore Switzerland by train, bus and by boat. This Swiss Travel System ticket includes all public transportation (including city buses and streetcars), free entrance to over 400 museums, and 50 per cent reduction on all gondolas and chair lifts.

For a full list of benefits, schedule and prices go to In addition, most Swiss villages and towns have public events year-round. Many are free of charge. Choices range from classical music to folk festivals, colourful parades celebrating carnival or the harvest bounty, agricultural fairs, street performances and much more.

For a complete list of events go to For Swiss Pass bookings, visit your nearest travel agent or contact Rail Europe at 1-800-438-RAIL.


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