By Ilona Kauremszky

Q: Is there a tip for taking cabs? Iím going to be in New York City for a weekend.

A: Youíll see people hailing cabs everywhere in New York. The scene is as ubiquitous as a New York Yankees fan. For quick tips, try This resource provides tips, photos, and stories from New York cabbies.

Hailing a cab? Stand at the curb and hold arm straight up and straight out. Are the cab numbers on the top illuminated? This means the cab is empty and ready for service.

For calculations and info on riding cabs, thereís another neat online tool called which will give you the low down on routes, prices and estimated travel times. I plugged in two popular sites: Penn Station and Grand Central and their search engine estimates the trip should cost $7.57US thatís with gratuities and a two-minute wait time calculated in the fare.

The developers of the web site currently report, ďAt this moment, we are not able to calculate fares of trips from JFK airport to places other than Manhattan.

Therefore, for all trips to or from JFK International Airport the flat rate of $45US is given.Ē In addition to the taxi meter info for New York City, WorldTaxiMeter also calculates cab fares for Barcelona, Madrid, London and Rome among other cities.


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